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Liberty Fairs July 2017

We are very excited to be participating in the Liberty Fairs trade show in New York, NY.


KROMAGNON is designed by Kristen Luong who has previously worked for Derek Lam and Zac Posen and graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC. Kristen's design aesthetic is modern with clean lines and draws from her background in urban culture and science. The inspiration for KROMAGNON comes from the Cro-Magnon man that was one of the early humans to utilize yarns, sewing, and art as part of their culture. Like these early humans, KROMAGNON uses sustainable and ecologically friendly practices but fuses them with Kristen's aesthetic yielding a dramatic and unique collection.

You can see videos and pictures of our collections at the following links:


Additional photos and videos can be found on Instagram and Facebook.

KROMAGNON Spring Summer 2018 Collection featured at Liberty Fairs is all about comfort and wearability while maintaining luxe and opulence. With this collection, KROMAGNON continues to push the envelope in terms of mindful luxury and sustainable clothing. This will be our first time featuring digital prints in our exclusive one of a kind hand painted brush artwork of trees and birds. We will also have beautiful embroidery for the first time alongside our printed artwork, melding technology old and new in one seamless collection. This collection is designed by Kristen Luong featuring artwork by Steven Broadway.

KROMAGNON is first and foremost, a sustainable eco-friendly brand featuring both menswear and womenswear. KROMAGNON's mission is to prove that sustainable and eco-friendly clothing can be trendy, fashionable and amazing with an emphasis on mindful luxury. We use fabrics that are Hemp blended with peace silk. Silks where the silk worms were let to live their full life cycles making our clothing both eco and ethical. Organic Cotton blended with recycled plastic bottles PET is our answer to ameliorating the prevalent issue of oceanic waste and recycling into our clothing. Everything is Sustainable, Organic, Natural and most importantly Biodegradable and made in New York City, NY, USA.


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